The Magdalen Hospital Trust


All applications must be through a UK-registered charity.

Who can benefit?

Deprived children and young adults (regardless of gender) up to 25 years old; those in care, fostered and adopted; parents and children; families in need; and people disadvantaged by poverty.

What is Funded?

Projects for deprived and disabled children and young people, with priority for literacy, special needs education, training for work and personal development; clubs; crime prevention; emergency care; play schemes; and counselling.

What is NOT Funded?

No grants to non-registered charities, individuals, charities with an annual income in excess of £150,000 or national charities.

Types of Grants

Grants are usually one-off and project-based.  Applications for projects stretching over multiple years will only be considered as an exception.  We are happy to consider established or start-up organisations.

Range of Grants

Grants are normally within the range £500-£2,000.

Applying for a Grant

The Trustees for the Magdalen Hospital Trust meet twice a year, once in late May and once in late November.  The window for applications to be considered in the May meeting is from the 1st of March to the 31st of March; the window for applications for the November meeting is from the 1st of September to the 30th of September.  Applications will be considered on a 'first come first served' basis as we do have to limit the number of applications put forward to the Trustees.   Applicants, whose applications are selected to be put forward to the Trustees, will be notified at the close of the application window.  If an application is considered potentially suitable for a grant but there are already too many applications for the next relevant Trustees' meeting, applicants may be asked to resubmit their application for consideration at the next application window.  Applications not selected to be put before the Trustees will be notified accordingly.

Outcomes from Trustees' Meetings and Re-Applications

All applicants, whether succesful or not, will be informed of the outcome of the meeting within four weeks of the meeting -  succesful applicants will receive payment of their grant directly into their bank account (we are not able to issue cheques).  Unsuccesful applicants may re-apply at a later meeting but there is no guarantee that they will be put forward again for consideration by the Trustees.  Succesful applicants may re-apply for a further grant but we request that any re-application is not put forward until at least two years from their previous grant award.  

You can download an Application Form from here either in Word or as a PDF file (click on the appropriate link).

Alternatively, if you would like to contact us directly to discuss your requirements in more detail, then please contact the Correspondent by e-mail or by telephone on 01903 217108.